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Vauxhall Tigra Sport 1.4, 2005

My beloved Tigra started overheating and I had to refill the expansion bottle every six or seven miles. A hole in the radiator was repaired, but the problem persisted. Further investigation at the garage revealed a cracked


BMW 318i, 1998

Firstly can I say thank you Steel Seal. I am now 100miles on since having used Steel Seal and all is good so far. Prior to using Steel Seal I was having to top up reservoir every week until this led to a blown head gasket with


Isuzu trooper 3.1 diesel 1999

i put 2 bottles in radiator as instructed and and ran engine for an hour with heaters on full .then left overnight and next day engine ran great problem solved .

scott crichton


Vauxhall Astra 08

Forget Ronseal get Steel Seal!! Does exactly what it said on the bottle!
Followed the simple instructions, left the engine to cool and drove home without any issue. I could not be happier

Phil Wilson

Vauxhall Corsa 2006

The instructions are really easy to follow. I used Steel Seal and straight away the symptoms disappeared. I no longer have white smoke from the exhaust and the coolant level stays constant. Brilliant and easy solution.

Maxine Cameron

Vauxhall Astra, 2007

Used the steel seal and ever since using it it has cured the problem thought I would have to fork out loads on a head gasket repair but used this and worked perfectly this was 3 weeks ago and still perfect, my new favourite liquid

Lewis Maxwell

Vauxhall corsa 1.2

Where do i sister has a corsa 1.2 its got 140100 miles on the clock she travels 100 mile a day to work.we took the car to a garage as it was losing water and overheating the garage confirmed the head gasket had gone plus water pump had a slight leak they quoted


Vauxhall corsa 2005

Found this product very useful, car was hard to start due to water in the cylinders, and when warmed up steam was coming from the exhaust like a smoke machine. One bottle of steel seal and 40 minutes later leak fixed. Does exactly what it says on the bottle.

Robert Burns

Suzuki SX4, 2006

I was losing coolant after being stupid enough to let my engine overheat. I figured that I had most likely blown the Head Gasket as a result. I was told about Steel Seal, and figured I would give it a try. It was so easy to do...


02 Daewoo Matiz

I tried another product and it clogged up heater. it worked for a few months but no heater. The Head gasket went again, so I tried Steel Seal it worked perfectly and the heater is back working. I would recommend it to anybody

Mike Keenan

Peugeot 207 2007

Was very skeptical about the product at first, however it sorted my issue brilliantly. Will recommend in future!

Sam Ramage

Chrysler voyager, 2.5 d, 2007

I was the eternal pesimist when it came to 'miracle cures' . My local motor factor made it clear this stuff works but following the instructions of 'cold start' then run at full working temperature for 30 mins.... then "let it go stone cold.. preferably overnight " Did exactly that...


ford fiesta, 2003

O.M.G. amazing a product that does exactly what it says on the bottle its really saved us a fortune wonderful

peter townsend

Renault Trafic 2001

Very impressed! I used this as per the instructions (ie to the letter) and was so impressed with the results! Managed to get a few more years out of the van without any more costly head-gasket repairs. Highly recommended.

Mike Jeffrey

Citroen berlingo 1.9D 2002

Fantastic product!! My head gasket was on the way out as advised by a mechanic friend.... told it would be ‘costly’.

Not the case when I heard about steel seal! Awsome product fixed the fault and all seems fine. Would recommend and use again.



Peaguot Expert

Simple to use easy step straightforward instructions and done the job no more coolant loss job done ✅

John angel

BMW 318i, 1998

Having been told the repair cost for a blown head gasket for my 1998 BMW E46 was going to be £400, I left the car for 2 weeks before reading about Steel Seal on a BMW forum. I was very sceptical about this product initially


Vw tiguan 2011

Used 1 bottle of steel seal via expansion tank, been driving for a month with no coolant loss works great highly recommend this product!!

Corrie dawson

Rover 620 d 1995

I was constantly filling the rad driving to and from work .white exhaust smoke all the time ! Followed the instructions and it cured it 100% no more carrying 5ltrs of water to work. Sold the car and believe it's still going strong :-)

julian walsh

Ford Mondeo

My car kept loosing water and then overheating bue to the lack of coolant i searched and searched for a leak and couldnt find it i did a sniff test which came back ok a coolant pressure test that came back fine too


2008 1.4ltr Nissan note Acenta

I am very pleased to announce that steel seal is very fast and effective product to use to seal a corroded head saved me on a £300+labour,I only used one bottle, it's pricey yet it's worth every penny for its effectiveness.

Simon Charles Tolley

Ford Focus 2011

Very pleased with the product. The car was losing a co side table amount o water internally and out through the exhaust due to water leaking into oil and one of the cylinders. Seemed to have caught it early and steel seal has done a good job, no more water loss and car drives fine.


Ford Fiesta 1.1, 2001

Constantly loosing coolant over a 2 week period. I could see evidence of a slight leak on the head gasket. I emptied the expansion tank and added the steel seal. The leak slowed down almost immediately but I still had to top it up once in the following month. Now it doesn't need topping up. I suspect it needed to find its way to the leak. But its a great product.

Gary j

Ford Focus mk2 2007

I noticed my car was overheating and droping coolant I put radweld in and didn’t work got told about steel seal and after leaving car idle it Work car back to normal again steel seal is the best one to buy don’t waste money on the cheap ones you just be going around it circles


Audi a4 b5 1.9tdi

Head gasket went 2 weeks ago and thought the car was destined for the crusher. Then I was told about steal seal. Used as instructed and it worked perfect. Would recommend to everyone.

Ian Dickinson

Renault Clio 2003

Worked very well in my car that wasn’t worth the price of changing the head gasket

Cameron Payne

2002 mini one

Absolutely brilliant bought this put it in followed the instructions and car now runs spot on no more over heating or loads of smoke/steam out the exhaust

Alex Roy

Ford Metro Cab taxi 1998 2.5di

Ford 2.5di powered. Followed the instructions and after 30 minutes the symptoms, of what I knew to be partial head gasket failure, disappeared (at minimal cost and downtime) Four Months on and all is still good.

David Edwards

ford focus st 2006

very easy to use and really works.

I was loosing coolant and misfiring on starting up. I looked at YouTube for answers and Scotty Kilmer recommend steel seal so I got 2 bottles for 2.5L engine. I poured it in and went


ford focus st 2006

very easy to use and really works.
I was loosing coolant and misfiring on starting up. I looked at YouTube for answers and Scotty Kilmer recommend steel seal so I got 2 bottles for 2.5L engine. I poured it in and went for a drive for around 30 minutes and let it cool


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Because Steel Seal simply repairs blown head gaskets, cracked blocks and warped heads and comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee for when in the unlikely event it fails to do so.


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