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Honda vf 700 1987


My MC blew the water out through the expansion tank. I poured water and the Steel Seal in, and let it run in idle for about 20 min. The water still blew out af the expansion tank.Then I took it for a spin, at low revs for about 40 min. and that seemed to do the trick. I might should have started with that, but nevertheless I have now driven 2000 km and it still works.

Jan Madsen

saab 93 1.8 turbo 2002


What a product! I have used it before with total sucsess on an astra 1.6 but I thought saab had had it, put in steel seal and a new set of plugs and wow - it done what it said on the tin. well done boys, saved me over £600 on repair bills, thanks again.

Robert Oakley

Vauxhall Corsa 1999 1.2 petrol

Brilliant product within an hour of draining the coolant and refilling with steel seal and bleeding the cooling system the pressurising had stopped

Thomas Jay Mainwaring

Vw mk4 golf 2.8 v6 4motion

Steel Seal worked fabulously!

Derek Lyon

Ford Mondeo 2.0


Excellent n perfect seal. Followed the simple instructions, left the engine cold. 100% its worked. No more blowing water from radiator.

Mohamad Yusra

Subaru Impreza 2.0 2005

Had massive loss of water being spat out through the combustion chamber that could be seen from the exhaust of the car.

Was very sceptical of this product as Ive known sealers to block heads causing more problems and never really working and as the price was high I was like hessatent to buy but I’m so glad I did I followed the instructions and to my surprise it worked I drove the car for over 2hrs the next in the blistening heat and nothing kept its water and seems to be running much better I’ve just saved over £1500...Amazed

Craig Ryan

Land rover discovery series 3. 2007.

Cracking stuff. Cured the problem. Tried KSeal but didn't cure the leak. Well happy.

David Brock

Bmw E46 3 Series 1.8 Msport


my car was mixing oil and water from the radiator cap and oil was drinking alot of coolant too i applied steel seal to the coolant let it run for 30 mins it has been a week and no problems what so ever checked oil and coolant regular and its back to normal

Moe Agwan

Mini Cooper S 2009

Great product , used it quite a few times and it always seems to work.

Mark Lightfoot

Vauxhall Astra 2008


I am an old time mech. I was looking down the barrel of a major strip. Steelseal was recommended to me. I was sceptical. However I decided to give it a try. whoosh, problem solved. I can't praise this stuff enough. Just to say it is part of my tool box from now on.

Gerry Kelly

97 Mitsubishi Pajero

I only just heard about this product recently through a friend of mine. I had a crack on my head gasket, it has worked wonders for me. It's done what it says on the packaging. It's quick and simple to use and it has saved me alot of money from purchasing a new gasket. I would so highly recommend this product and would definitely buy again.

Gerry Griffin

Vauxhall Corsa 2008

Engine now runs fine, no water loss or steam out of the exhaust! Top job from steel seal!!

Andy Read


Mk 3 Renault Clio 2003

We had an untraceable water leak in our Clio, it's a £200 car and didn't want any repair bills costing more than the car itself, one bottle of this and the leak is cured, keeping our banger on the road.

John Archer

nissan navara


its worked as it says on the bottle,no more pressure and no water loss. Saved £££s doing the headgasket

Stuart Harris

Vauxhall Tigra Sport 1.4, 2005

My beloved Tigra started overheating and I had to refill the expansion bottle every six or seven miles. A hole in the radiator was repaired, but the problem persisted. Further investigation at the garage revealed a cracked


Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 2003

Bought my Land Rover yesterday and on the way home it started overheating, obviously I was fuming. Decided to go to Halfords and get Steal Seal the next day, followed instructions and there we have it. FIXED. Absolutely amazing product, would recommend this to ANYONE. Amazing product

Alex Turner

Scania 2008

Excellent,very pleased with my results...Would recommend to everyone...

Michael Fay

Vauxhall Astra 08

Forget Ronseal get Steel Seal!! Does exactly what it said on the bottle!
Followed the simple instructions, left the engine to cool and drove home without any issue. I could not be happier

Phil Wilson

Vauxhall astra Hatch, 2008


One of the hottest days in August, in my daughter's Astra on a By-Pass...Dashboard Warning light came on. followed by steam from under the bonnet. Managed to stop car and have a look - under the bonnet was steam, oil/water blown everywhere and a very hot engine!! Managed to get Steel Seal at a nearby Halfords. Steel Seal saved the day and the car is still going as new after a couple of months. THIS REALLY DOES WORK AND ISN'T A GIMMICK PRODUCT. If you don't use it, the alternative is a very expensive repair bill, so it's a 'must have' product!!

Jon Middleton

Vauxhall Astra

It's a brilliant product, my local garage quoted me in excess of £500 to repair, and as the car is over 15 years old I was thinking of scrapping it but I had just put it through the MOT two days earlier. Someone suggested to try Steel Seal. I have to confess I was very skeptical at first, but it is absolutely an amazing product, it completely fixed my damaged head gasket . Well worth the money.

Faryar Ameli

Vauxhall corsa 1.2

Where do i sister has a corsa 1.2 its got 140100 miles on the clock she travels 100 mile a day to work.we took the car to a garage as it was losing water and overheating the garage confirmed the head gasket had gone plus water pump had a slight leak they quoted


Nissan note 1.4 133k


Great magical liquid saved me 1000s of pounds worked a treat

Jamie Grant


Had car pressure tested and was told head gasket had failed. They wanted £600 to repair it which is half the value of the car. Had read about Steel Seal and thought I'd give it a try followed the simple instructions and low and behold miss fire gone, warning light out and car runs sweet as nut. Driven 700 miles now and no issues cancelled the garage appointment and banked £540. Thank you Steel Seal job well done.

Jim Wilson

02 Daewoo Matiz

I tried another product and it clogged up heater. it worked for a few months but no heater. The Head gasket went again, so I tried Steel Seal it worked perfectly and the heater is back working. I would recommend it to anybody

Mike Keenan

Fiat X/19 1990


Purchased product, it did the job great within minutes, would highly recommend

John Skeats

Volvo fh 2007

Used 3 bottles in this as it has a 12 litre engine worked perfectly no problems since truck still going doing about 1300 miles a week.

Liam jones

ford fiesta, 2003

O.M.G. amazing a product that does exactly what it says on the bottle its really saved us a fortune wonderful

peter townsend

VW Touran (1.9 diesel)

To be frank I'm gobsmacked! At the start of our holiday last month our VW Touran (1.9 diesel) began losing coolant to a gradually worsening degree. I took the car to a main dealer in the hope of getting it fixed, they advised that the engine head was damaged - not just the gasket, but the head itself: to repair it would cost 2,500 €uros.hey said we should shorten the holiday as they couldn’t guarantee we would make it home. We limped our way back round Belgium and France, topping up 1/2 a litre of fluid every 60 or 70 miles.


Renault Clio Campus 53 plate

I was recommended Steel seal by a friend at a garage as he said my head gasket would be about £400 to repair so he said give it a go at £40 what can you lose so I tried it 100% recommended 4 months and still going strong.

Jason giles

Peaguot Expert

Simple to use easy step straightforward instructions and done the job no more coolant loss job done ✅

John angel

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