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Nissan Xtrail S 2005

Had my Nissan from new, it has never broken down on me, symptoms were pointing to the head gasket being a major money problem, it was a case of deciding between selling my best ever car for scrap or buying Steel Seal as a last resort. £25 later, Wow! My car is back in the game, so smooth again. I'm really happy, it feels safe to drive again, I don't know what you did but thank you for the invention, worth every penny.

Roberta Heslop

Vaxhall Astra 1.4 16v 2007

Flush antifreeze and oil out pour steel seal in run engine 1 2 3 all done running as new 10/10 top stuff 10/10.

John Kirk

Mitsubishi L200, 2005 2.5td

I was told to buy steel seal as a cheap alternative for repairing my head gasket. I was very apprehensive when purchasing this as there is a great price difference between labour costs of a mechanic replacing a head gasket and a small bottle of liquid that claims to have the same result, but i followed the steps on the bottle and sure enough, no more water loss, no overheating and saved me hundreds of pounds. 100% recommended.

Jamie McBeath

Citreon Berlingo, 2003

I purchased the Steal Seal from Euro car parts Bristol and used as per instuctions on the bottle and it has worked perfectly. Many thanks a great money saver. 100% happy.

Michael Bloomfield

Subaru Legacy 2000

What a wonderful product. It does the job brilliantly. My car was overheating and the garage wanted hundreds to change its 2 cylinder head gaskets (its a V4).
One dose of Steel Seal and the symptoms disappeared altogether. Also the car runs better with more power available I would recommend this product to anyone with similar problems.

Nick Lerner

Vauxhall Corsa C 2002

This product is absolutely superb.The instructions are very easy to understand and follow, and the results are amazing. I could not afford to have my head gasket replaced at this moment in time and this was the most affordable option for me. I'm so glad it was recommended to me. Thanks so much. I would recommend to all.

Martyn Haythorne
Cannock, Staffordshire, UK

MG-TF 2003

Steel seal worked perfect and did what it says on the tin couldn't give a higher review and sorted all my issues.

Robbie Hognet

Jaguar 2004

After using this product under recommendation I would definitely recommend to friends and family.


Peugeot 206 1.4 2004

Win ,win if it didn't work then money back guarantee ,it did work and very happy with repair, saved my engine and kept my car going ,brill stuff 10 out 10.

Ray Kirkbride

Golf MK6 GTI from 2006

Its the best methode to reparing easly and clean (for the user) to preparing and remaking a new Gasket Head.
Its a very easy and simply product and its the best price for a so easy reparing ;) Every time again :)

Andreas Rösch

Mini Cooper 06

I currently purchased steel seal for my mini, as my car was over heating it was very simply all I had to do was follow 3 simply steps and it was very easy to follow, the guy in store was very helpful of how to use this product and would definally recomend it to others, thanks very kindly for helping me sort my car I will definitely be using you's again if any problems crop up.

Ails Walton

2011 Smartfor4

My mechanic said to try it. Refund if does not work. I followed the instructions closely. Not only has SteelSeal fixed the problem but the engine sounds sweeter. Maybe my imagination but this product saved my may hundreds of pounds. Can't recommend it enough. Many thanks inks.

Michael Tarling

Peugeot 206 style 1.1 Y Reg

Very very hesitant to use steel seal, when something sounds to good to be true it normally is. However not with steel seal, followed the simple instructions and my problems are no more.. Highly recommended product great work guys and girls.

James Coates

Mazda MX5 2002

Was hesitant to use initially but very glad I did, the product worked amazingly well I would highly recommend.

James Ward

Vauxhall Corsa 1.0

This is the second time i have used Steel Seal for a faulty head gasket on 2 different cars and it is the second time it has worked , Steel Seal has saved me a small fortune in garage repair costs and i am over the moon with the results, there are a lot of cheaper inferior products on the market but Steel Seal gets my vote every time, THANK YOU STEEL SEAL !!!!!!!

Ray Spencer
Manchester , UK

Honda Civic 2002 1.6 SE

I was really hesitant to try this, but I did and it worked a treat! I couldn't be happier with the way this product worked! Followed the instructions exactly as on the back, and within an hour the car was almost smoke free - now - 3 weeks later its still smoke free.

Jayden Winson

Vauxhall Astravan 1.7 dti

Your product was suggested to me by a friend as a possible fix for my van. I,ll be honest I wasn't holding out much hope. A 1000miles later and still going strong I,m happy to say I would recommend your amazing product to anyone with a similar problem :)

Roger Jones

Corsa 1.2 2004

Been mixing fluids for a while now, but no boiling up[, constant and persistent fluid loss with no leaks evident, oil change, flushed cooling system, added new antifreeze and steel seal. 800miles later, no issues.

Trevor Brian

1998 BMW 318i (E36)

Car had overheated a couple of times - due to a coolant leak- and had started to build up a lot of back-pressure in the cooling system. Eventually the car started to misfire and white smoke from the exhaust confirmed the inevitable. I was going to scrap the car - apart from the head-gasket blow a lovely car, but not worth much -, but decided to give this Steel Seal a go. Follow the instructions and it works! The car stopped misfiring within 10 minutes of adding product and after 45 minutes was blowing clearer smoke. Left it overnight, it now runs perfect! Excellent product, but, follow the instructions and, check your coolant water level before adding.

Leighton Bullivant

Ford Fiesta

Vehicle came in to my garage with several faults, loss of oil and coolant so carried out a head gasket test found it had early signs of head gasket failure. advised customer that he needs a new head gasket/head skimming etc but he didn't have the funds to pay for the job so I said give steel seal a go to see if it helps you out for a while. we followed the


Freelander 1.8 k series engine

Brilliant product no cloggy particles just clear liquid. Poured it into the expansion tank as directed. Run the engine for 30mins and allowed to cool. No leaking no smoke afterwards, engine seems sharper and more responsive. Seems to have done the trick.
Top product cannot recommend highly enough.

Alec Webley

Opel Zafira 1.6 2000

Just bought Steel Seal this morng, but before that I was in doubt this might be just a scam, but knowing it was sold in Halfords i decided to give it a try, my problem was a heavy white smoke in my car even it was already warmed up, and a few traces of oil in the engine,


Ford Cougar 2001

My old V6 had blown its head gasket between a cylinder and the water jacket. Pressurised water system and needing a top up every 50 miles. Cost of fitting a new head gasket is about what the cars worth.


AUDI A4 1.8T Sport

A friend of mine recommended this. I was sceptical at first, but I thought what's the worst that could happen. Bought it. followed the instructions very simple and strait forward and so far so good with the results! Would recommend!

Dave Fisher

Peugeot 308 THP 150 Sport. 2008

I had heard about Steel Seal and as I was facing a £1600 bill to replace the head gasket I thought I'd give it a go. Flushed water coolant and replaced with Antifreeze and added Steel Seal. Worked like a dream! No problem now and no signs of oil to water contamination. Worth every penny!

Iain Nixon

Renault Clio 2003

Girlfriend's car was getting old but always a reliable runabout. Discovered signs of water mixing with the oil inside the valve cover and filler cap.....aswell as a small coolant leak around the water pump housing. We thought it was time to start looking for a replacement car. My dad suggested trying a bottle of Steel Seal before we gave up on the car completely. Dad has used SteelSeal in the past in his classic Ford with 100% success.


Peugeot 306 2000

After buying a cheap car just to use when I visit family in the UK I found out the headgasket was going and was getting worse by the Mile, The car isn't worth much so I didn't want to spend hundreds to have it repaired but it was at the point of blowing out huge plumes of white smoke from the exhaust


Toyota Avensis 2011

I am a mechanic and have used steelseal on 5 occasions all have been very sucsesful so far 1 of these cars has been driving for over 18 mths.. i will continue to use the product. 

Pat Tynan

BMW 1999 E 46 Convertible

Followed the instructions to the letter and it does exactly as it claims to do saved hundreds of pounds and time used every day since used and it's running perfect highly recommend this product.

Bryan Robinson
Hampshire UK

90 Ford F150

I had to make a trip from South Carolina to Texas and was having trouble with my truck. After a pretty intense overhaul, i found due to a leaky water pump and overheating (previous owner) the block was cracked or head gasket was blown. After all the repairs , it still ran rough and was blowing steam out the tailpipe. I'm glad i took Scotty kilmers advice. I ran the steel seal in the engine for a couple days around town and wow, it worked. Based on how they said it sealed the leaks (get it hot, cool it down) , i decided to go ahead to Texas and take frequent stops. I drove 3 hours or so and stopped for 2, throughout the first day, not very efficient but i was determined. By the second day i was convinced this stuff is magic. I got to texas in the longest time its ever taken but i feel like i have a brand new truck. Cant thank you enough, Jack

J grayson
Austin, Tx


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