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Vauxhall insignia 2010


Was a bit skeptical about this stuff but it's done the trick, keeps my motor running so very good for the money

Jack Harrison

VAUXHALL Astra 2010


Done the job alot more cost effective then replacing a head gasket, thank you

Mr Alan Gibson

Honda, s2000, 2002


Wow! It realy does work. Ive repaired lots of head gaskets over the years on my cars myself. I saw Steel Seal on the counter at my local autosuplies and thought as if that will work......... I thought I would give it a try (especally with the money back guarantee) before I stripped the engine down. Best car product ever! Will definitely use it again and could not recommend this product enough!Just buy it it's very good value and it works!

Dale Milburn

VW GOLF, 2010



Gintaras Druskis

fiat van




BMW F650GS 2003


Poured in, left to run, bike fixed. It was as simple as that.

Shaun Williams

Peugeot 207 2007


I had been recommended to try this stuff. Then my friend messaged me said his head gasket had gone, I talked him in to trying this stuff instead of scrapping the car, we both couldn't believe it the misfire had almost gone and I'm sure the more he use the car it will go. This stuff is highly recommended

Gary Hill

Nissan vanette cargo 2001


Put steel seal in and followed the instructions let completely cool got warm air back in heater and no back pressure 100%

David Diffin

Honda Civic, 1997

Was worried I would have to get rid of my old Honda as any major repairs would cost more than the car itself (recently valued at £75 on a certain website that will buy any car). One bottle of Steel Seal later and the car hasn’t used a drop of water since!

Ryan Foley

Fiat Ducato 2009


Excellent result done what the instructions said and no more pressure and not losing any water. Fantastic product!

Robert Falconer

1998 Mercedes e55 AMG


My car has 217,000 miles on it and I was sceptical it would work but for £120 (compared to £5K at Mercedes to repair) I thought give it a go. I followed the instructions exactly, let the car cool down, replaced the oil, cleaned the plugs and air filters and left it overnight. Next morning, she started up first turn and I took the car for a 20 mile trip up and down the motorway, it drove like new again. I then checked the oil cap and the oil dipstick - no emulsification on either. I am amazed and very impressed - I hope it lasts like it says it will. I would recommend Steel Seal to anyone. It's like magic !!

Barry E Dacey

Ford Focus


Replaced the core plugs on a Ford Focus 3 times and it came back every time, I then used steel seal treatment and it sorted the issue first time, the vehicle is still running great. Great stuff

Josh Baker

VW Touran, 2005 2.0L TDI


We had spent quite a few quid on trying to repair our coolant and smoke issues, but they were still there, a garage and a few friends said about using Steel Seal, so i gave it a try and Voila it has worked and stopped all symptoms :-) One happy Family!!

Thomas Heritage

Seat Leon 2010

Having gone to local garage and being told head gasket is gone I had second thoughts of spending about £1400 on repairs. So after hearing about this product I thought why not give it a try and although I was very sceptical about it working after following the instructions it worked great the car is runny great and no white smoke or using water. I would recommend Steal Seal to anyone with head gasket issues.

Ian Graham


2001 suzuki jimny

Very good stuff easy to use! My suzuki jimny coolant had starting bubbling I carried on driving then one night it finally gave up and over heated so I brought steel seal, I drained all the coolant out and flushed it through then put a a bottle of steel seal in it and left it running for a while and it has fixed the head gasket and warped head highly recommended.

Wesley Gregory

Weidemann, 1090 D/P Agricultural machine 1998

Before doing a full strip down and replacing the head gasket and I gave SteelSeal a go, glad I did. Solved the problem in an hour.

Stephen Reay

Vw Golf 2007


Wow incredible. I never believed it until I tried it. I would recommend this stuff to anyone. My VW Golf was losing coolant and the expansion bottle was creamy. The local garage diagnosed the head gasket but rather than scrapping it I thought I’d try steel seal and it really works. Still driving the car!!

Clair Nelson

Vauxhall corsa 2004

Was losing coolant but couldnt see any leaks and had smome from exhaust, ionly needed the car for another 3ish months so bit the bullet and tried this. Ended up using the car for another 8 months till the clutch died still had the coolant at the max level when it went to the scrap heap so this stuff worked.

Jimmy Carter

Renault Clio 2005


Great product, highly recommend, worked great!

Wayne Smith

2000 vauxhall agila 1.2


Engine was losing power and stalling used this product and engine is back working sweet :)

Lauren Hampshire

Astravan 2011


Took it to a garage to get a diagnosis and was told it was a HG failure. They couldn't tell me the severity but something needed to be done. The van is my own business van that is sign written so wanted to keep it for a little while yet but it wasn't worth paying to get the head skimmed or replaced. It was suggested that I give this a go and I did and it's done the job. Now 8 months on and still going strong with no symptoms.


Audi A4 2.0 petrol 2008


My dads car overheated and lost all coolant about 20 miles from home we filled it up with with water got it home by that time it was seriously bubbling out of the expansion bottle, we thought that would be the end of that until a neighbor a mechanic recommended steel seal for a quick fix so we tried it and car is still going fine a year and a half later! Unbelievable!

Michael Harper

Stephen Firmin


Brilliant stuff read instructions removed plug from faulty cylinder and let car idle to operating temp let it cool before repeating put plug back in and went for a 30 minute drive at about 50 mph and found it really does work no water vapour from exhaust and no more coolant loss would recommend if you have the same problems all my thanks steve

nissan micra 1.0 2002

Mini Cooper 2009

It worked!Bought it from Halfords Direct to ensure I got the genuine article.Well pleased with the results 4 weeks after the treatment.

Bryan Raymond

Lexus IS220d 2009


I have used this product 13 times over 7 years and it's worked 12 out of the 13 cars. I didn't bother asking for a refund but I can honestly say it works if done correct and be patient 12 out of 13 is great so would definitely recommend

Mr James D Keady

Vauxhall corsa 2006

Brilliant stuff! So easy to use and seems like it’s done the trick. Would definitely suggest!


MG, TF, 2006


Worked just as it said. Saved me over £1k in repairs

Daniel Brimblecombe

Rover 200, 2002

Rover K series engine is renowned for head gasket failure, this car just wasn't worth doing a head gasket, so I thought I would try steal seal. I had tried some of the other makes with not much luck but Steal seal worked a treat and I was very surprised. I use it now as a back up in most cars I repair.

Ian Smith

Honda Civic, 1997

Was worried I would have to get rid of my old Honda as any major repairs would cost more than the car itself (recently valued at £75 on a certain website that will buy any car). One bottle of Steel Seal later and the car hasn’t used a drop of water since! Brilliant product!

Ryan Foley

Honda vf 700 1987


My MC blew the water out through the expansion tank. I poured water and the Steel Seal in, and let it run in idle for about 20 min. The water still blew out af the expansion tank.Then I took it for a spin, at low revs for about 40 min. and that seemed to do the trick. I might should have started with that, but nevertheless I have now driven 2000 km and it still works.

Jan Madsen

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