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2007 vauxhall corsa 1.2


I just followed what it says on the bottle and changed my engine oil after to to make sure every think was good and it's been 6 months now as no overheating and it hasn't lost any coolant I also went to London and back from Wolverhampton with no issues.


Ford, Fiesta, 2006


Does what it says on the tin. Very good product!.

Angus Campbell

Vauxhall Astra 2006


Very good product saved me having the head skimmed!

Dwane Hovell

2001 polo


I was recommended this product by a friend as I’ve got an older car so I wanted to save money. What a genius! I’ve saved hundreds using Steel Seal!! I am singing your praises! Thanks so much, excellent product!

Terri Ballard


VW Polo 2006 1.2 Manual

Used Steel Seal, in the vehicle and followed instructions called Steel Seal Customer Service for extra support and advice, very helpful staff, gave me some extra tips for my particular vehicle. Worth calling staffing if unsure, staff are well trained in advising for particular vehicles. Most importantly it's worked on my vehicle, well worth purchasing. I was almost going to scrap vehicle as I was not sure if I could obtain a MOT due to smoke issues. £40 well spent! Better than redoing a head gasket and better than sending a good car for the scrap yard.

Yasin Latif

Terex dumper


Repaired my headgasket leakage into water jacket saved alot of downtime. Thanks Steel Seal!

Dermot Hillen

2001 honda civic


Worked like a charm. I recommend it.

Walter Rivera

VW, Golf, 2013

Started loosing about a header tank of coolant over a week. Found coolant around bottom of timing belt cover and thought it was coming from the water pump. Removed the covers etc and found coolant was coming from the back corner of the cylinder head. OH NO I thought this is going to be a big job and expensive. Asked about chemical treatments at my local motor factors and they suggested Steel Seal and mentioned the guarantee, I thought what have I got to lose. Followed the instructions and it worked. Saved myself a fortune. I would recommend Steel Seal to anyone, a brilliant product.

Thomas Jackson

Audi rs6


Had been suffering with a Pressurising header tank on my Audi rs6 and decided to buy this product due to the money back guarantee and I'm amazed it actually worked! 5000 miles later all is sweet as a nut!


2005 fiat punto


flushed out system. used steel seal. car has not over heated since. thanks steel seel.

Warren Hennessy

Rover 25 K series


Car come in with overheating issue and losing lots of water, did compression test found cyclinder 2 to be down! The repair was not worth the value of the car to replace the head gasket. So I thought I would give steel seal a try. Followed the instructions and never thought it would work, after running it up with the steel seal in the coolant, the steam stopped and it hasn’t lost water since. I did a compression test again after a few weeks and the results was the same across cyclinder 1-4, quick easy cheap fix will use again.

Vauxhall insignia 2010


Was a bit skeptical about this stuff but it's done the trick, keeps my motor running so very good for the money

Jack Harrison

Peugeot 308 2009


Absolutely delighted with the result of steel seal cured my peugeot 308 that was losing water out the exhaust will highly recomend to everyone who has a head gasket problem thank you

Grant Kell


Range Rover p38 diesel 1999

Used this on my Range Rover bmw engine, sealed the leak perfectly! No more water loss and no more bubbles. Been running with steel seal in system 2 months now and done some long journeys no problems!

Andy Backhouse

VW GOLF, 2010



Gintaras Druskis


Mercedes Sprinter 515 ambulance 2007

Have to say that the product did what it said it would. I had had a mysterious leak for months and this rectified it first time.

David Altomstone

Ford Transit Connect


I own and operate a busy Bosch car service centre in Devon... One of my mechanics suggested we try Steel Seal on a customers problematic Ford, it was diagnosed by us as Head Gasket failure, so very sceptically we purchased and tried it, carefully following the instructions, and so far with great success.

Kevin Cole

Peugeot 207 2007


I had been recommended to try this stuff. Then my friend messaged me said his head gasket had gone, I talked him in to trying this stuff instead of scrapping the car, we both couldn't believe it the misfire had almost gone and I'm sure the more he use the car it will go. This stuff is highly recommended

Gary Hill

Bmw 728 1998


This is the second time I’ve use Steel Seal works very well would recommend.

Ross Varney

VW bora 2002 130 pd

Steel seal has a great replacement procedure! I received mine the next day, my car was losing water and coolant so I used steel seal. I highly recomend steel seal they are a dedicated work force to help you through your vehicle trouble

Geraint Hood

Fiat Ducato 2009


Excellent result done what the instructions said and no more pressure and not losing any water. Fantastic product!

Robert Falconer

Mazda pick up 1999


Thought this was the end of the line for the faithful work horse. A week after passing her mot without issue she suddenly springs a leak and leaves a significant puddle on garage floor. A friend suggested steel seal which I bought and tried straight away. Worth every penny as old faithful is now back on the road and trouble free again.

John Owen

Ford transit connect 2006


All the symptoms of a head gasket failure! Garage confirmed head gasket problem so was ready to scrap! Was told about this product, had nothing to loose so bought it for £40. Followed the instructions and now have a van running very well with no smoke, coolant level is where it should be and a lovely warm heater. Absolutely brilliant!

Gary Iggulden

VW Touran, 2005 2.0L TDI


We had spent quite a few quid on trying to repair our coolant and smoke issues, but they were still there, a garage and a few friends said about using Steel Seal, so i gave it a try and Voila it has worked and stopped all symptoms :-) One happy Family!!

Thomas Heritage

Mercedes C Class 2012.


I was losing 1/3 litre of water every 300 miles. Mercedes and other garages said your head gasket had a crack and was quoted 3k to fix it. Car has 125000 on the clock and worth around 6k in current condition. Friend mentioned Steel Seal so bought a bottle online for £27 followed the instructions and 1.5k miles later the coolant warning light has not reappeared! Replaced the plugs which had been damaged by the water leakage and boom good as new. Brilliant product!

Steve Graham

2000 Landrover Discovery 2 TD5


Was a little skeptical at first about these fix your car in a bottle type solutions but compared to a £££'s bill for a new head gasket. I was willing to give it a go. My Disco was pressurising the coolant and after ruling out airlocks. I followed the insturctions and added the Steel Seal. I've got to say I was surprised, but it's done the job. 100 miles later and no pressurising or coolant issues.

Mr Stephen Popkin

Weidemann, 1090 D/P Agricultural machine 1998

Before doing a full strip down and replacing the head gasket and I gave SteelSeal a go, glad I did. Solved the problem in an hour.

Stephen Reay

2006 Chevrolet Tacuma

After applying steel seal leak stopped and no further problems!

Mrs Lisa Harris

Ford Fiesta, zetec 2004


I have in the past tried several head gasket quick fixes (k-seal etc) with varied results. So decided to give steel seal a try. I used an engine block sniffer to diagnose / confirm the fault was the head gasket. As the car was overheating very quickly, I took the thermostat out and took the middle out of it so the water would flow through it straight away and put it back in. Poured in the bottle of steel seal, within five minutes the engine miss fire disappeared, so did the smoke from the exhaust, I left the car running for about an hour, no sign of overheating, left the car overnight to cool down, went to it this morning, and it fired up straight away and as ticked over for the last hour with no problems at all. This stuff works and saved the expense of having the head skimmed and new gaskets would highly recommend and use again.

Karl Walgrove

Renault Clio 2005


Great product, highly recommend, worked great!

Wayne Smith

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