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Steel Seal - Unbiased Reviews And Advice From Customers Of Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair.


Mondeo 2.0 TDCI

Fantastic...... followed directions on bottle and cured problem... saved me hundreds.

Matt Brown


Land Rover TD5

After having an overheating problem for nearly six months changed the inter-cooler, new thermostat all renewed all the cooling hoses and tell tales signs of head gasket blowing. After using Steel Seal no more overheating brilliant stuff...

Simon Robins
Frome Somerset


Peugeot 306 XSI 2.0l 16v

What an amazing product, had a quote from garage for more than the cars actually worth to repair! I've used this before on my old 306 which had a cracked block so I know how good it is! Go for it people, it's all relative, £39.99 to £800 for a head rebuild!! It just makes sense!!

Benj Webb
Coldstream Scotland


2003 Freelander TD4

Honestly amazed at how quickly the Steel Seal worked considering the amount of coolant leaking into the sump, confirming an unusual fault of an engine block, as the cylinder head had been removed and tested previously.

Alexander Heath Dixon


Renault Clio 1.4 (1999

Works like magic.

Tristram Richardson
Ashford, Kent, England


Freelander 1.8L Petrol, W Reg

Was a bit unsure whether to use Steel Seal or not at first, but after being quoted a minimum of £1000 for a new head, I thought there is nothing to loose, after all if it doesn't work I can get my money back


Land Rover Range Rover

This product is amazing, we have used it on a number of vehicles and we have had a 100% success rate. Especially helpful on the difficult head gasket removals, such as, MG and rover.

Great Yarmouth


Vauxhall Astra

Water was going into the oil and exhaust gases coming out of the expansion bottle,
For the price of Steel Seal it was worth a go compared to a repair price.
It worked 'amazing'
Thankyou Steel Seal

Martin Wilson
North Wales


Toyota Glanza Turbo

Really good stuff does what it says had it in a few days now all good and noticed the difference straight away.

Patrick Shortt


Jaguar S Type 2002

After many weeks of replenishing lost coolant on a daily basis and stopping mid-journey to vent the coolant system I finally faced the fact that I was probably looking at a head gasket failure


Range Rover P38 V8 1998

Used Steel Seal after considering all the very expensive options. Easy to use, full instructions supplied. The cooling system on the car is now running at the correct temperature . This is a very economical solution for this particular problem.

United Kingdom


Lotus Elise S1 2000

Product worked brilliantly and has solved the common HGF amongst the K-Series on this particular vehicle.

Dan Power


ford focus 2001

brilliant saved me alot of money .10/10

andrew davies


Ford Escort 2005

Works brilliant, saved me loads of money rather than replacing the head gasket.

Scott Adams


Chevrolet Lacetti 2006

Worked a treat, coolant and oil now un-affected

William Window



My head gasket went on my MG ZS spent hundreds on new head gasket kit repair for only two weeks later


Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 2003

Fantastic product used on a couple of vehicles now and has worked perfect saved me a small fortune

Ben Howard


Vauxhall Omega, 2001

Amazing product..was quoted £500 to replace head gasket,so decided to give Steel Seal a try..I did follow the instructions to the letter and as I sat in my car I noticed


Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 SRI 2003

Put this in my overheating Corsa now no more water loss or over heating touch wood great product. I thought it would never fix it in a million years but it blew me away.

Jez Bunkle
Illkeston, Derbyshire


Kia Sedona, 2004

The car was going into limp mode as the head had blown and was forcing all the water out of the system. I tried other products and was on the point of scraping the car.



I found this product brilliant and it saved me £700 in garage costs

Daniel Jackson


Fiat Punto Sport 2003

Cost prohibitive to change head gasket, Steel Seal was recommended as a posible option by my local auto parts


MG TF 2003

Noticed that I was losing water from the header tank, took it to the garage and after a while they found a small


Nissan Micra

Used Steel Seal on my Micra followed instructions exactly. Showed misfire on number one cylinder. Some back pressure slackened off number one plug before adding Steel Seal. Car now running well.

Neville Larkin
United Kingdom


1996 Volvo S90 3ltr

This is the second time I've used Steel Seal first time was on a 1.2 punto and both times with success. The Volvo had actually been done once before with Steel Seal but developed another leak the


VW Golf TDI GT 140 2004

I was loosing water yet with no obvious leak and on checking the oil filler cap one day there was a trace of gunk. Add the Steel Seal as directed and since then not one issue.

Mark Collings
Loftus, North Yorkshire


MG ZR 1.8 160 2003

Incredible it works like magic, I had a serious back pressure problem with the head gasket. It is so bad I wouldn't imagine anything would cure it other than a rebuild. With nothing to lose I used Steel Seal and more than 600 miles later so


Ford Fiesta 2001

When I heard about Steel Seal I thought there was no chance of it working but I thought why not try it and I put it in my car ran it for 60 minutes like it says on the bottle and low and behold its fine now! Can't recommend Steel Seal enough!

Jacob Summerill
South Wales


Vauxhall Astra Van 04

Steel Seal is amazing, I bought some to see if it works and it really does. Just follow the instructions and your car's fixed. All my head gasket symptoms are gone and driving like a dream now.

John Lee Stilgoe


Ford KA 2008

I had beige sludge on the oil filler cap and in the rocker cover, I used Steel Seal and after driving 100 miles, there was no sign of sludge. Excellent product which I will also recommend.

Colin Jnr


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