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Steel Seal - Unbiased Reviews And Advice From Customers Of Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair.


Opel Zafira 1.6 2000

Just bought Steel Seal this morng, but before that I was in doubt this might be just a scam, but knowing it was sold in Halfords i decided to give it a try, my problem was a heavy white smoke in my car even it was already warmed up, and a few traces of oil in the engine,


Peugeot 308 THP 150 Sport. 2008

I had heard about Steel Seal and as I was facing a £1600 bill to replace the head gasket I thought I'd give it a go. Flushed water coolant and replaced with Antifreeze and added Steel Seal. Worked like a dream! No problem now and no signs of oil to water contamination. Worth every penny!

Iain Nixon

Toyota Avensis 2011

I am a mechanic and have used steelseal on 5 occasions all have been very sucsesful so far 1 of these cars has been driving for over 18 mths.. i will continue to use the product. 

Pat Tynan

Vaxhall Astra 1.4 16v 2007

Flush antifreeze and oil out pour steel seal in run engine 1 2 3 all done running as new 10/10 top stuff 10/10.

John Kirk

Subaru Legacy 2000

What a wonderful product. It does the job brilliantly. My car was overheating and the garage wanted hundreds to change its 2 cylinder head gaskets (its a V4).


Jaguar 2004

After using this product under recommendation I would definitely recommend to friends and family.


Mini Cooper 06

I currently purchased steel seal for my mini, as my car was over heating it was very simply all I had to do was follow 3 simply steps and it was very easy to follow, the guy in store was


Mazda MX5 2002

Was hesitant to use initially but very glad I did, the product worked amazingly well I would highly recommend.

James Ward

Vauxhall Astravan 1.7 dti

Your product was suggested to me by a friend as a possible fix for my van. I,ll be honest I wasn't holding out much hope. A 1000miles later and still going strong I'm happy to say I


Ford Fiesta

Vehicle came in to my garage with several faults, loss of oil and coolant so carried out a head gasket test found it had early signs of head gasket failure. advised customer that he needs a new head gasket/head skimming etc


Ford Cougar 2001

My old V6 had blown its head gasket between a cylinder and the water jacket. Pressurised water system and needing a top up every 50 miles. Cost of fitting a new head gasket is about what the cars worth.


Renault Clio 2003

Girlfriend's car was getting old but always a reliable runabout. Discovered signs of water mixing with the oil inside the valve cover and filler cap.....aswell as a small coolant leak around the water pump housing. We thought it


BMW 1999 E 46 Convertible

Followed the instructions to the letter and it does exactly as it claims to do saved hundreds of pounds and time used every day since used and it's running perfect highly recommend this product.

Bryan Robinson
Hampshire UK

Mitsubishi L200, 2005 2.5td

I was told to buy steel seal as a cheap alternative for repairing my head gasket. I was very apprehensive when purchasing this as there is a great price difference between labour costs of a mechanic replacing a head


Vauxhall Corsa C 2002

This product is absolutely superb.The instructions are very easy to understand and follow, and the results are amazing. I could not afford to have my head gasket replaced at this moment in time and this was the most


Peugeot 206 1.4 2004

Win ,win if it didn't work then money back guarantee ,it did work and very happy with repair, saved my engine and kept my car going ,brill stuff 10 out 10.

Ray Kirkbride

2011 Smartfor4

My mechanic said to try it. Refund if does not work. I followed the instructions closely. Not only has SteelSeal fixed the problem but the engine sounds sweeter. Maybe my


Vauxhall Corsa 1.0

This is the second time i have used Steel Seal for a faulty head gasket on 2 different cars and it is the second time it has worked , Steel Seal has saved me a small fortune in garage repair


Corsa 1.2 2004

Been mixing fluids for a while now, but no boiling up[, constant and persistent fluid loss with no leaks evident, oil change, flushed cooling system, added new antifreeze and steel seal. 800miles later, no issues.

Trevor Brian

Freelander 1.8 k series engine

Brilliant product no cloggy particles just clear liquid. Poured it into the expansion tank as directed. Run the engine for 30mins and allowed to cool. No leaking no smoke


AUDI A4 1.8T Sport

A friend of mine recommended this. I was sceptical at first, but I thought what's the worst that could happen. Bought it. followed the instructions very simple and strait forward and


Peugeot 306 2000

After buying a cheap car just to use when I visit family in the UK I found out the headgasket was going and was getting worse by the Mile, The car isn't worth much so I didn't want to spend hundreds to have it


90 Ford F150

I had to make a trip from South Carolina to Texas and was having trouble with my truck. After a pretty intense overhaul, i found due to a leaky water pump and overheating (previous owner) the block was cracked or head gasket


Rover 25 2003

Bought SteelSeal expecting very little, was pleasantly impressed. Has sorted the overheating, the wispy smoke is down to a minimum, and car is idling a lot more stable. £750 for a gasket repair, or £29 for a bottle of SteelSeal? The latter every time!

Chris Stain

Corsa C 2005

I was told off my garage that I had a warped head as I was losing coolant rather quickly. I tried k-seal twice with no luck . Then was told about steel seal. Worth every penny . It worked just like it said It would no more coolant loss and over heating. Outstanding using this product save me £600. As I was quoted £600 for head gasket repair.

Simon Higgins

VW Golf MK3 1996

Was quoted £1000 repair job. In search of Internet help I stumbled across steel seal rather skeptical but desperate I went to a local car shop and got a bottle what did i have to lose? cursing myself on my way home because in a rush I forgot to get my receipt to claim back if it failed. 2 hours later my disbelief of a bottle of coloured 'juice' could


Rover 216Sli, 1999

Used Steel Seal about 5 years ago on a Rover purchased as a cheap 'stop gap' vehicle. Classic signs of head gasket failure on K-series engine soon appeared. Treated with SteelSeal and problem was gone. Ended up keeping the car for about a year with no problems.

G Finnegan

Toyota Townace , 1992

Head gasket had blown and coolant was bubbling like a Jacuzzi before blasting ll water out within 6 miles. Thought steelseal wouldn't handle it but after 10 mins bubbling slowed, and within the prescribed time had stopped and problem cured. Shes an old girl and wont last forever but his amazing product has saved the bus, a lot of money and piece of mind. So simple and easy to use. Many thanks.

Andy Cross

Peugeot 206 03

Used this stuff it didn't work straight away, after about 2 days it completely stopped over heating and now it drives just as it did before the head gasket started going. Amazing stuff!!

Jodie P

Kubota Rtv

Was blowing very bad a common problem with the kobota d902 engine put in a bottle of steel seal and done what it said on the bottle and no more blow or no water loose cant ask for anything more.

Ronnie Milligan
Northern Ireland

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