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Steel Seal - Unbiased Reviews And Advice From Customers Of Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair.


Ford Consul 1961

Cured the problem straight away. Still going strong now. Would recommend this to anyone.

James Shearing


Ford Escort 1.4 petrol 1998

I followed the step by step instructions which is now 3 months ago and many miles since no problems great stuff!! and a cheap fix couldn't be happier!!! i've also used this product on a suzuki grand vitara 2007 it was building up pressure when


Hyundia h100 panel van 98reg

My van started losing water and making bubbling noises like a kettle boiling my mechanic diagnosed a head gasket leak,being an old banger and having spent a grand on it in the last year this was the


Ford Mondeo 2002

went and got this stuff today, after running for an hour as stated with cap off expansion, swithed off and left to cool completely then replaced cap started car again for another half hour, left to cool then restarted car, no more white smoke or any symptoms


Peugeot Expert Van 2004 1.9 Diesel

Was sceptical before using Steel Seal as the engine was a high compression 1.9 diesel engine that suffered a miss fire in one cylinder, we used the product and sure enough the problem was fixed. Happy garage, happy customer!!!


Mitsubishi L200 2007

I work my l200 very hard towing my cattle trailer with very heavy loads up to 4 tons. The head gasket went one day and I needed to keep working and didnt want big repair costs to my aging pick up. A mechanic recommended STEEL SEAL


Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 2003

Loss of coolant, no heat in the car and deposits building beneath oil filler cap. I was a little sceptical at first. Bought a bottle, popped it in the radiator as per the instructions. Ran the car for an hour. It did what it said on the tin, it worked. A miracle product. This has saved me


Renault Clio '96

Worked really well, I put this in as instructed, nearly 4 weeks on and I haven't had to top my water up since, my car is no longer over heating and she's running very well :) Steel Seal really has worked wonders for her.

Connie Anderson


BMW E36 328i drift car

After finding out that my head gasket was gone on my 328i drift car i decided to give steel seal a try. The car was pressurising, losing power, putting water in the oil and overheating. I followed the instructions exactly and i haven't had one problem since. Used the car several


Ford Ka 2004

This stuff has saved me considerable time and effort on my car, it would have been a un-economical repair and that also means having to purchase a new car. Buy it, Steel Seal really works the car is running great again for just a small outlay

Roy Cattlin


Peugeot 206 1.4

we used steel seal on our Peugeot 206 last week as the garage said that the head gasket had gone after he pressure tested the engine so we went to karparts in Aldridge to buy some steel seal we cleaned all the water tank out along with pipes and changed oil and filter then we


Toyota Lucida Areas, 1996

Flushed coolant before starting, put half directly into engine and half into header tank, ran engine with cap off, left for 1 hour - within 20 mins bubbling had stopped, let cool down overnight, filled up to level and have been using it ever since, 2 weeks now. I would highly recommend you try this


Ford ka Studio 2010

I noticed my cars coolant level had dropped I went to my local garage and they diagnosed cylinder head gasket problem and said the head would have to be removed skimmed and a new gasket fitted. A friend suggested I try Steel Seal which I did. It


VW Golf GT TDI 110 BHP 1999

Well as i noticed the white smoke getting worse and worse I started to look into what the problem might be, gradually the car drove with less power. Got told it might be the cat.. bs as that has been emptied.... So before I would splash out on a engine rebuild i thought let me


Renualt Megane 2001

Excellen. Used Steel Seal as directed and seems to have cured the problem straight away will recommend Steel Seal to anyone. fantastic product well done

Michael Peter Vinton


fiat punto 1.2 16v sporting 2001

I like most on seeing this product was more than sceptical but after speaking to a mate that had used it I thought I might as well give it a go. Went to my local motor parts stockist and bought some went home and put it in the car, following the instructions to the


Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 1998

I used steelseal, it cured my head gasket problem and my car is still going strong now saved me a big garage bill

Mark Crossman

Rover 75 1.8 Club SE 2002

Told symptoms I was getting was blown head gasket... Horrified at repair cost quoted. Then I heard of Steel Seal was very sceptical, read realy good reviews but also some youtube clips denouncing it but give it a go due to low cost. I am amazed by the results! All symptons


1996 ASTRA 1.6i

WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY.. Had this car from new & watched it slowly deteriorate with age & mileage. Slick 50'd but still rattled like a diesel.. This is a great bottle of magic, the power's back, the engine's stopped smoking & chewing oil like it's free !!! BLOODY AWESOME....

Sy Grinham


Mg zr

My Mg zr was leaking water from the head so i heard about steel seal so i bought some and after 1 hr of putting the steel seal in the car it worked. saved me alot of money and i would highly recommend it to my family and friends.

Paul Henson


Fiat Punto, 1.2 8v 2002

I was worried that I had not done it correctly due to the system been 50% air instead of water. However even after this mistake it still seems to of done the trick. No more gurgling from heater matrix and no water been forced out. Seems to start a lot quicker and smoother on idle. Don't listen to the


Ford transit 2007

After seeing advert purchased Steel Seal as we had a van with a head gasket problem. Used as directed and Steel Seal worked perfectly saving our company hundreds.

Allen Goodwin


Vauhall Corsa 2003

An absolutely fantastic product that I have used on more than one occasion would highly recommend this product to any one out there as it's saved me thousands.

Steven Macdonald

Citroen c3 2005

Worked a dream. One month on and still running smooth as ever.

Amit Patel
United Kingdom


Opel Corsa 2000

The stuff is amazing. 100% works and now no overheating. If you have any problems with your head gasket get this stuff. Mighty gear

Alan funchion
County Kilkenny, Ireland



Got qouted 700 pounds for a replacement head gasket, mechanic said my car was scrap as it was un u-economic repair. Motor spares shop said use Steel Seal. Problem solved. Easy to use, BRILLIANT PRODUCT.



Ford Escort

Magic. I have tried different products over the last few months without success. Was ready to give up and heard about Steel Seal just followed instructions and hey presto it was fixed.

David Smyth
N. Ireland


Ford Mondeo

WOW,WOW,WOW, Excellent product im glad I bought this instead of a cheaper product. This is definitely the product to buy,I will be recommending it to all my friends nip down to the shops now and buy it, its a fab item, great work Steel Seal .

Mark Noble
United Kingdom



Update on Steel Seal. It has worked brilliantly. I really dont think garages want people with head gasket problems to find out about Steel Seal. Quoted 700 pounds for replacement, under 40 quid for bottle of Steel Seal. sorted. You do the maths.


Peugeot 206 1.4 1998

This is the second vehicle on which I've used Steel Seal. The other being a 1.8 Freelander which I did 18 months ago and it's still going strong. Has worked on both cars saving me £££££ hundreds.

So simple to use. Literally pour and


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Thanks to the man who was very loudly explaining how Steel Seal saved his car on Sunday at @SilverstoneUK, certainly intrigued a few people!

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Why Steel Seal?

Because Steel Seal simply repairs blown head gaskets, cracked blocks and warped heads and comes with a Money Back Guarantee for when in the unlikely event it fails to do so.