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Steel Seal - Unbiased Reviews And Advice From Customers Of Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair.


toyota avensis 2.2 d4d 2006

As i suppose like most people would be dubious about the claims made i can offer my experence with steel seal. was quoted £1200 to renew head gasket on my avensis was told about steel seal by local mechanic who had used it b4 !! i followed the instructions the water loss has


Rover 25 2004

I think its great worked wonders and saves on the £800 pound bill from the garage in which the owner said the head gasket was going the car has cooled down a lot and seems to be working a lot better thanks to steel seal

Bamuel Brammer
United Kingdom

Peugeot 106, 2002

Peugeot 106 had creamy substance in coolant tank, I performed a head gasket test on it & the blue liquid turned to yellow pretty much straight away, I did an oil & filter change & also flushed the old coolant out & then re-filled with fresh coolant & steel seal, ran the vehicle up as instructed & the car was perfectly fine after this.


1999 rover 400ixl

does exactly what it says on the bottle. I just poured it into the expansion tank,let the engine tick over for an hour then hey presto, no grey smoke. used the steel seal before the head gasket went.

gary kilfoyle


mg tf 2004

put in steel seal, symptoms now gone car running great, very pleased with product

martin timms


Ford cmax

Did exactly what it says on the bottle great product :)

Stewart witten


honda crv 2000cc 1998

followed the instructions to the letter the car was difficult to start before and would misfire on tick over and lose water it is now performing perfectly starts perfectly and runs like a dream amazing

jeremy stone
taunton somerset


Peugeot 206, 1.4GLX 2004

UNBELIEVABLE. Symptoms, Steam from exhaust, missfiring, bubbles in header tank, loss of water and overheating.
Located bad cylinder, 2, removed plug, flushed water system, added steel seal to new water and antifreeze mix and ran, very noisy, sorry neighbours.


jeep cherokee 1998 vrm engine

Had this vhicle in for water loss removed cylinder heads head gasket gone in two places had heads pressure tested & skimmed rebuilt & problem still there rechecked found out cylinder one blowing air into water jacket removed head.


Te20 Ferguson tractor 1948

Great now runs sweet as a nut, and a lot of work saved not having to strip down the engine

Pat Hoggins


Freelander - 2002 head gasket

I have a Landrover Freelander 2002 Reg and was advised by a garage that my head gasket needed work. My first thought was get rid of the car, but then the garage owner advised me to try steal seal. I bought the product and was a little sceptical, but as it was at a


Ford ranger

Excelent did the job just as it should

Kirsty sheppard


vauxhall astra sri xp 58

impressed with result has cured problem would recommend to anyone.

samantha power


peugeot 206 1.1 2000

Great product. easy to use which is handy as I'm no mechanic. and worked great.highly recommend this product.

Ethan Price


corsa diesel

Never used anything like this before and seemed too good to be true.. Followed instructions and WOW...,! Sorted.. Awesome product, would recommend and deffo use again in future. AAA+++

Nigel Tupper


toyota emina 1993

followed the instuctions and after a short drive all the leaks stopped. saved me hundreds

darren sweet
United Kingdom


skoda fabia.1.4mpi 2000reg

Did exactly what it said it would! No fuss and bother, just add to the expansion bottle,start up, heater on full, and let tick over for an hour! What could be easier. FAR CHEAPER THAN HAVING A GARAGE FIX YOUR HEAD GASKET! Would recommend to any one.


2011 corsa

awesome stuff did exactly as claimed i was a bit dubious about the claims but for the price of a couple of rounds of drinks cant fault this amazing product would recommend giving it a shot

andrew carr


Vauxhall Omega 2.2L Auto Estate Petrol 2001 (Y)

Well like many others I was extremely sceptical about this product and its claims. However I found myself in a predicament. I had a car that I really needed as I was in the middle of moving house.


05/06 fiat stilo - peugeot 308

I used Steel Seal in two cars and it has done the job. One was done about four months ago, job done. The other one today perfect. Thank you

Tony Campbell
athy in south of ireland


Citroen C2 2008 1.4

I used steel seal yesterday. drained the antifreeze, refilled the system, putting the steel seal in first, ran the engine for one hour. So far so good. I drove on the motorway today, my car performed very well. The expansion tank is nice clear blue colour with no oily sludge.


Peugeot 307

I was needing to fill my water up once a week as it was empty I then found steal seal what amazing product steal seal has been in for 3weeks now and iv not fill car up once best 40 pound you can spend thank you

Daniel Santen
Chigwell Essex


Toyota Celica 1.8 2001

I have to admit that I am not a great fan of leak sealants etc but in this case of a possible headgasket failure on the cooling system side I decided to give it a test. The client did not have funds to carry out a top end rebuild.
I am happy to say that the car is running very well


Seat Alhambra, diesel

It did help lessen the problem because my engine over heated to much, i would use it again as soon as i have the symptoms, at early stages

mr sajid miah


Toyota estima 2.2td 1990

Works wonders, chemical engineering at its finest. Saves time, money and does what it says on the bottle, liquid magic must be the work of the devil !!

Rob Stanger


vauxhall meriva 1.4 2007

Worked an absolute dream, previously tried k-seal which blocked the system. Did system clean, unblocked system, followed instructions to the letter and all sorted. A massive saving of money and time.

Simon Bone
United Kingdom



Unbelievable product.. was not expecting much to be honest. Followed instructions to the book. car stopped smoking and cream dissapered from expansion tank..
Would recommend this product to anyone.



Peugeot 205 Trio 1992

Some colleagues in the motor trade advised me that some customers had reported success stories with Steel Seal so as I faced a large bill on my old car to replace the Head Gasket O decided skeptically to give Steel Seal a try. My garage friends were quite angry and


Renault Kangoo Head Gasket

Used on 2000 ren kangoo diesel. million miles builders van. 5 weeks on seems fine. Does what it says on the bottle

ray mckenna


Jeep 3.7 Cherokee

Fantastic, I read info carefully, and as my car was a bigger engine than average, you recommended 2 bottles of Steel Seal, which I put in, nice and simple , straight forward instructions, worked a treat, I cannot recommend enough !

Martin Bates


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