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Steel Seal - Unbiased Reviews And Advice From Customers Of Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair.


vauxhall astra 1999

read the reviews and thought I"d give this product a go was over the moon when it worked so easy to use cost much less against a quote of £450 min was driving smoke free again after an hour and half of using no more buying coolant every other day

Annette Cowley
United Kingdom


1996 impreza sti

This stuff works. I didn't have money to get head gaskets done so I tried this product. It has stopped the bubbles and the overheating in one treatment. Defiantly worth the money.

Brandon Elston
Beck Row


vauxhall vectra 2.2 sri 2002

being in the motor trade i change the spark plugs on my vectra when i tighten down no 4 plug i cracked the head coolant was pouring out the spark plug hole so i bought two bottles of steel seal pour it in and with in abit it stop thanks steel seal

Giovanni messina


ford fiesta 1999

stopped the water loss within an hour..tested with head gasket tester before and after...Worked A1!

Barry jones
oswestry shropshire


Land Rover Freelander 2000

I used the Formula and it completely worked 100% Thank you steel seal saved me loads of money to repair it cheers again

Thomas Webster
Halifax UK


vauxhaull omega 2003

i buy and sell cars for a living i normally buy cars with engine fault overheating ,water in oil , noisy engine before i knew this existed i i always removed the head and fixed the engine my uncle


vauxhall vectra 2001

Great stuff does exactly what it says on the bottle

matthew mcewan
galston ayrshire


2004 Rober 75

This product is fab used as it said and does exactly what it says Used the car daily since using and not had any more water loss or fuel smells in the water

Joshua Overton


rover 25 2002

I have used this two times now on both occasions steel seal worked brilliantly . It's an amazing product that does exactly what it says on the bottle, I would use this every time.

chris makowski
ramsgate kent



I was recommended this stuff by a good friend of mine so i went for this over k-seal because with this product you also get a free t-shirt! =]

and it cured the problem also instantly great product.



We received this via email from Anthony Crack on the 21/01/2015

Dear SteelSeal Team

I contacted you yesterday to let you know that I had only received 1 instead of 2 bottles as ordered.


VW Golf GTI 2.0

worked as it said it would. Thanks

George Marsden
Braintree, Essex


vw. golf gti. 2l

Wow. Fixed my car. I was going to scrap it as too expensive a fix. Steel seal. Did the job easily and the car is now going again. Thank you so much. I work in auto so will be recommending. This product to others. Brill

les ross
Inverness, Scotland.


Volvo Petrol Estate

I would like to confirm that 2 bottles of steel seal cured the leak on my head gasket of my Volvo estate petrol V70 all wheel drive turbocharged vehicle. I find the product the bees knees, I cant thank you enough for your assistance in this matter.

Robin Farrow


Vauxhall Corsa 1997

Steel Seal actually works worth every penny saved me £100s on garage bills for head gasket replacment I would highly recomend this to anyone with any blown headgasket symptoms thank you so much steel seal for saving my car from the scrap yard.

Mick Martin


mini one 2002

Not a big beliver in using bottles of liquid to fix cars but being at my whits end with my mini ready to scrap it after 3 mechanics told me the engine was knackered and would never be fixed


VW Golf MK4 GT TDI 2001 180k miles

Ive had my golf for 2 year almost and since day one it would seem I've had head gasket issues. If I drove the car hard it I would have coolant loss with no sign of it. everything else was fine so I lived


rover 45 2000

This is a fantastic product will recommend to anyone with head gasket problems rovers are very well known for bad head gaskets and warping heads had milky deposits in my water so drained it out put in steel seal


Pugeot 206. 06

Worked really well, smoke from under bonnet stopped instantly and white smoke from exhaust cleared after ten minutes, spot on

Chris hughes


Vauxhall, Meriva, 2005

Car was overheating and blowing steam out of exhaust. Used steel seal on it and two days later the car was driving like it never had a problem in the first place. No overheating and no loss of antifreeze. Am well happy on how much money I have saved because I used this product.

Conway Hopper


MGF 2001

My car was overheating, after being quoted £1,000 + VAT to look at, and repair the engine, I was within a day of scrapping my pride and joy. Luckily I saw the Steel Seal advertisement on TV, and decided to risk £40.00 on the product.


vw passat 2003

Awesome 100% works! Thank you very much

garry brewer
United Kingdom


ford focus 51

best thing i found at local motor shop seems to have done the thing will keep a bottle in car or at home

philip barsby


Peugeot 206 2003

I used this with a full water change and anti freeze, ran the car for an hour and believe it or not no more steam from exhaust, and running more smoothly than ever, absolutely amazing this product highly recommend to everybody do not hesitate and buy this product , SUPERB A+++++++++

Dave warner


2001 ford focus

my car was leaking antifreeze heavily, I put a full bottle of steel seal in ran the vehicle for an hour and it managed to stop the leak, the car hasn't leaked for the last 8 months. I am very impressed with this product and I would strongly recommend steel seal to any person with similar car problems well worth the money I paid.

thomas mckinley
nuneaton, warwickshire


citreon piccasso

yes no more steam. no more water in engine oil.mixed with antifreeze no problem.the best £30.00 pound ive ever spent. thanks to steel seal it really does work

john price



FANTASTIC JOB, had my doubts about steel seal, and me and other lads at garage said no way will this fix it , did exactly what it says !!,148,000 miles this Seat people carrier had done,recomend this to anyone save you a fortune,highly delighted.

Richard Pollitt


fiat brava 2001 1.2

when I went to the garage the mechanic told me try steel seal and I did not believe him, so I got a bottle and followed the instructions, and so far no problems after 1500 miles
thank you steel seal!!!!!!!!!

jan wissink


voxhal corsa 2002

Works wonders fixed the problem no trouble

ben watson


2007 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4

I bought a vauxhall corsa with headgasket problems, previously had 2 headgaskets on 50000 miles it striggled to drive and was running on 2 cylinders using alot of water


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