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Steel Seal - Unbiased Reviews And Advice From Customers Of Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair.


Fiat Punto 2001

I experienced all the classic head gasket failure symptoms, and used Steel Seal and now the car shows no symptoms and actually runs better than it did before!

I have to admit I was a little skeptical but Steel Seal is a legit product. It saved me several hundred pounds. For the sake of the money I paid for it it's definitely worth a try!

Lee Shambis


1998 corsa

Used successfully will recommend highly

Shane mc Carthy


Vauxhall Zafira, 2002

Had 5 hour journey back from Devon and this was my only hope. Followed instructions and it worked! Fantastic, smooth drive home, no problems since. Can't recommend it highly enough. Will wear my free t-shirt with pride!!

Carl Gorton
73 Winchester Close, Banbury, Oxfordshire


Audi a6 tdi 2005

Was having major problems with my Audi a6 constantly using water and overheating, had taken to local garage and was told head gasket on its way out. The repair cost was £400, which I was struggling to find. I remembered reading about steel seal and thought I would give it a go, and to be honest


1800 BMC Diesel engine.

My canal boat engine was overheating and throwing water out of the filler cap.I had it tested and the conclusion was that the cylinder head gasket was gone. The quote for a replacement gasket was £350. I purchased a bottle of steel seal, followed the instructions and hey presto problem solved.Many thanks.

Richard Jaroszek
Stoke on Trent Staffs


many thanks for your prompt response to my refund request, [putting it towards a second hand engine]. I still endorse steel seal as an excellent product as it has worked perfectly well on the other cars I have used it on. Ithink maybe this one was too far gone. once again many thanks and I will continue to recommend your product to others.   yours. mark jones


New radiator,water pump and thermostat fitted plus lisle funnel used for bleeding system of air,no joy.
The heater would blow cold on idle but warmed up when the car was driven.The car had new timing chains fitted last year after the original snapped.Luckily under warranty but suspect head not done correctly.Put steel seal in system and guess what.Car now warm and everything ok.Would recommend steel seal to everyone without hesitation.



01 kangoo car, 1.4 petrol

To be honest I was initially skeptical that a bottle of liquid would fix my problem, I thought it seemed a bit gimmicky, but how wrong I was! I flushed the cooling system before refilling and adding steel seal, and in 1 hour the symptoms had vanished! Amazing stuff! Will definitely be using it again and recommending to others.

Paul Walsh
limerick, Ireland


Doosan Fork Lift / Mitsibushi Eng (year2002)

Mitsi. F/L engines suffered with cracking under cam.
Flushed out rad. Changed oil & filter. Applied Steelseal as instructions on bottle. Truck returned to service & is now working normally, no sign of overheating or LPG system freezing

Don Thompson
Stone, Staffs.


reliant robin 1992


carlo bertoncini


CELICA 1995 2000 GT

The car was boiling and a garage diagnosed the head gasket. I took it to another garage for second opinion and they recommended Steel Seal. They purchased a bottle for me and 'bingo' it worked. I even did the job myself.
Great product, I think I will carry a spare bottle

Joe Harrop
Newton Stewart


MG TF 135 2002

AWESOME stuff!! Well done on a brilliant product, highly recommend it to anyone. You guys really need to widen your marketing to South Africa!

Jade Hermann
Cape Town, South Africa


Rover 25 1.6 2000

Easy to use clear instructions fix the problem not loosing any water now highly recommended !!

Gerard Stanley
85 station road billingham Stockton on tees


MG ZT-T 2006

Head removed, pressure tested & skimmed, re-fitted, several weeks later problem still apparent. Suspected Piston Liner leaking. Added Steel Seal, 1 month & 500 miles later, problem appears to be solved, much to the Customer's delight. Brilliant Product, does exactly what it says on the bottle!.

Milton Keynes Gearbox Centre
Milton Keynes


Volkswagen Passat, 1.9tdi 2006

Absolutely brilliant product, I had a bad leak on the head gasket of my passat, was told by my mechanic that it was going to cost around €700 plus vat to fix, I decided to try steel seal and 6 months later the problem still hasn't come back. Would recommend this product to anybody. Brilliant

Trevor Warren
Ballynattin, Borris, co Carlow , Ireland


Jeep Cherokee, 1999

Our Jeep had been creating quite a sight every time it has been driven for the past two weeks with masses of smoke pouring from the excaust. After a quick visit to the garage it for the scrap heap!!! Head Gasket was gone ;-( I was not so willing to except and


VW Bora 1999

Used steel seal three weeks ago, no more gunge in filler cap and haven't had to top up coolant since, steel seal does exactly what it says on the bottle. Five star product, does a five star job, and saves you hundreds of pounds. I would recommend steel seal to anyone.

Len Tabor


vauxhall astra 2004

Did what it says on the bottle and seems to be okay. Will be using again.

paul waterworth






vauxhall astra 1999

read the reviews and thought I"d give this product a go was over the moon when it worked so easy to use cost much less against a quote of £450 min was driving smoke free again after an hour and half of using no more buying coolant every other day

Annette Cowley
United Kingdom


1996 impreza sti

This stuff works. I didn't have money to get head gaskets done so I tried this product. It has stopped the bubbles and the overheating in one treatment. Defiantly worth the money.

Brandon Elston
Beck Row


vauxhall vectra 2.2 sri 2002

being in the motor trade i change the spark plugs on my vectra when i tighten down no 4 plug i cracked the head coolant was pouring out the spark plug hole so i bought two bottles of steel seal pour it in and with in abit it stop thanks steel seal

Giovanni messina


ford fiesta 1999

stopped the water loss within an hour..tested with head gasket tester before and after...Worked A1!

Barry jones
oswestry shropshire


Land Rover Freelander 2000

I used the Formula and it completely worked 100% Thank you steel seal saved me loads of money to repair it cheers again

Thomas Webster
Halifax UK


vauxhaull omega 2003

i buy and sell cars for a living i normally buy cars with engine fault overheating ,water in oil , noisy engine before i knew this existed i i always removed the head and fixed the engine my uncle


vauxhall vectra 2001

Great stuff does exactly what it says on the bottle

matthew mcewan
galston ayrshire


2004 Rober 75

This product is fab used as it said and does exactly what it says Used the car daily since using and not had any more water loss or fuel smells in the water

Joshua Overton


rover 25 2002

I have used this two times now on both occasions steel seal worked brilliantly . It's an amazing product that does exactly what it says on the bottle, I would use this every time.

chris makowski
ramsgate kent



I was recommended this stuff by a good friend of mine so i went for this over k-seal because with this product you also get a free t-shirt! =]

and it cured the problem also instantly great product.



We received this via email from Anthony Crack on the 21/01/2015

Dear SteelSeal Team

I contacted you yesterday to let you know that I had only received 1 instead of 2 bottles as ordered.


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