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Here at Steel Seal we receive hundreds of calls every week

not just for Steel Seal Head Gasket fix but a large majority of calls are to find out if they even have head gasket symptoms to begin with. Symptoms of a blown head gasket vary from coolant loss to the engine running sluggishly. Here you will find the 10 most likely Head Gasket Symptoms, listed by the experts at Steel Seal. So, what can you keep your eye out for?

1. Coolant Loss or Leaks

Visually check for leaks under the car, check the water pump for loose seals, and the actual internal coolant level for significant drops in coolant level.

2. Air Bubbles in Radiator

Check for air bubbles coming up through the radiator. This causes pressure in all the wrong places and can either signify or cause head gasket problems. Sounds silly but remember to remove the cap and ensure the engine is cold before checking this.

3. Engine Overheating

Keep an eye on your temperature gauge. Don't leave it to the heat warning; this probably means it's too late and can cause some serious damage to the engine.

4. Engine Running Rough

Is it sluggish or “chuggy” (both technical terms of course), or maybe a loss of power? A blown head gasket prevents an engine from performing as it should.

5. Contaminated Spark Plugs

Remove a spark plug (when the engine is off) and visually check to confirm oil on the threads or around the plug.

6. Smokin'

Look for white smoke or liquid exiting the exhaust, or loosing coolant through the overflow. To check this remove the cap (when cold) and rev the engine. If you see bubbles or any exits you will notice.


7. Oil and Coolant Shouldn't Mix

Oil floating in the water in your cooling system. There can be water in your oil too.

8. Icky Sludge in Oil

Use your dipstick (no, the other one) to inspect the consistency and colour of the oil.

9. Hoses Deteriorating or Becoming Detached

Visually check any hoses or pipes around the engine, looking for wear, hoses appearing thin or worn, or becoming detached completely, apparently of their own accord.

10. Low Compression

Take the vehicle to a professional mechanic for a compression test or general head gasket diagnosis.

Blown head gasket? Try Steel Seal!

With a 99.9% success rate and a lifetime money back guarantee, use Steel Seal to repair a blown head gasket and you could save thousands. If the damage is too severe and Steel Seal doesn't work, you can claim your money back.


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Why Steel Seal?

Because Steel Seal simply repairs blown head gaskets, cracked blocks and warped heads and comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee for when in the unlikely event it fails to do so.


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