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Check out our instructional video below to learn how to use Steel Seal for the best results!


Steel Seal provides a simple, permanent repair to blown head gaskets, warped heads and cracked engine blocks. To achieve the best results, make sure to follow the pre-treatment steps:

Make sure there is suitable antifreeze solution in the system, and if any other repair products have been introduced to the cooling system, make sure they are well-flushed through with water, and the system is refilled. If in any doubt, always refer to the steps on the back of the bottle.

Make sure the engine is cool before you start. Find the easiest access to the coolant system, whether this is via the radiator or the expansion bottle. Remove the cap to the radiator or expansion bottle ready for the Steel Seal to be poured straight into the system.

Once the entire bottle has been introduced into the system, replace the cap to the radiator or the expansion bottle. Ensure there is enough coolant in the expansion tank to help the Steel Seal circulate the system.

Once the Steel Seal has been introduced into the system it needs to be allowed to circulate and do its work. If the vehicle is roadworthy, start the engine and aim to drive around 5 miles aiming for the higher end of the rev band at around 60 miles per hour if possible before bringing it back into the workshop and allowing the engine to cool.

If the vehicle isn't roadworthy, keep it in the workshop and run the engine up to temperature for about 30 minutes before switching the engine off and allowing it to cool ready for the finishing steps.

Make sure the engine has completely cooled again before checking the expansion tank or radiator to make sure the right amount of coolant is in the system, topping back up if necessary with a 50/50 water-antifreeze mix.

The vehicle is now ready to drive as normal.

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Why Steel Seal?

Because Steel Seal simply repairs blown head gaskets, cracked blocks and warped heads and comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee for when in the unlikely event it fails to do so.


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