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MG is officially the car most likely to blow its head gasket, Warranty Direct have found. They claim nearly 6% of cars aged between three to 12 years old suffer head gasket failure, with the average cost of a replacement totalling anything up to £770

The worrying data shows that 5.61% of used MGs will suffer head gasket in their first year of ownership – and 4.75% of Rovers too.

All four-cylinder petrol MG Rovers of this specific age were powered by the problematic K-Series engine, which is prone to suffering from head gasket failure.

There are many reasons why a K-Series could suffer from head gasket failure, but most of the time it's down to a loss of coolant. The cooling system on MG Rovers has a relatively small capacity compared to other engines, so a small loss of coolant could result in the car overheating.

The design of the gasket doesn't cope well with heat, meaning an overheating K-Series would often result in a failed head gasket.

Other cars regularly hit by head gasket failure include Daewoos (2.36%), Protons (2.04%), Saabs (1.27%) and Fiats (1.2%).

How can you tell if your head gasket has blown?

When a head gasket fails, it results in oil mixing with coolant and will usually cause the car to lose power, overheat and throw out white smoke.

If you are thinking of buying a used car you can check for head gasket failure by checking the colour of the oil. If there's a mayonnaise-like residue on the oil cap, this is caused by water mixing with oil, which is usually caused by head gasket failure. In that case you may want to avoid!

Steel Seal offers an affordable alternative to purchasing a new head gasket, it works on a thermo-chemical bonding action process that will seal the hole in the gasket and save you a ton of cash. Simple and effective, best of all if it doesn't work we'll give you a refund!

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Why Steel Seal?

Because Steel Seal simply repairs blown head gaskets, cracked blocks and warped heads and comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee for when in the unlikely event it fails to do so.


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